Saturday (22.10.2022) Sunday (23.10.2022) Monday (24.10.2022)

Interactive Case Discussion

  1. Case presentation: Greyzone Lymphoma

  2. Case presentation: Anti-PD1 Failure

  3. Case presentation: COVID19 immunity in lymphoma

  4. Case presentation: Primary progressive HL

Advanced Stages

  1. Improving BEACOPP

  2. Improving ABVD

  3. WS Report: Time for Innovative Trial Designs

Seminars and Workshops (parallel sessions)

  1. Seminar: Living beyond Lymphoma

  2. Seminar: The HL Microenvironment

  3. Workshop: PET beyond Deauville

  4. Workshop: Older Patients

Coffee Break
Coffee Break

Emerging Cellular Therapies – a Role in HL?

  1. Emerging indications for cellular therapy

  2. Cellular Therapy in HL

  3. New concepts in cellular therapy

Special Situations in HL

  1. HL in Pregnancy

  2. HIV-positive HL

  3. alloSCT in the era of anti-PD1

Coffee Break
Coffee Break
Coffee Break

Seminars and Workshops (parallel sessions)

  1. Seminar: Radiotherapy

  2. Workshop: Bringing Liquid Biopsy to Patients

  3. Seminar: Learning from Pediatric HL

  4. Workshop: NLPHL

  5. Workshop: Time for innovative trial design

Living beyond Lymphoma

  1. Heart & Lung Toxicity a er HL Treatment

  2. Informed decision making

  3. WS Report: Living beyond Lymphoma

Genomics, Biology and Microenvironment

  1. Biological Classi cation of HL by Liquid Biopsy

  2. Single Cell Transcriptomics of HL

  3. WS Report: Bringing Liquid Biopsy to Patients

Coffee Break
Coffee Break
Coffee Break

Satellite Symposium

Satellite Symposium

Satellite Symposium

Coffee Break
Coffee Break
Coffee Break

Early Stages

  1. Standard treatment of early-stage HL (Note: with RAPID Update)

  2. Individual risk assessment of RT in HL

  3. WS Report: NLPHL

Older and Frail Patients

  1. Treatment Allocation in Older HL Patients

  2. Managing an Older Lymphoma Patient

  3. WS Report: Older Patients

Relapsed / Refractory HL

  1. 1ˢᵗ Relapse of HL

  2. Novel developments in R/R HL

Coffee Break
Coffee Break

Closing Remarks

  1. Conference Highlights

Satellite Symposium

Satellite Symposium


Coffee Break
Coffee Break

Opening and Award Ceremony


  1. Immunotherapy approaches in 1ˢᵗ-line HL

  2. How I currently treat HL with immunotherapy

  3. Vision Corner

Poster Session and Welcome Reception